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GEA & Associates LLC.

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George Elsaesser

GEA is dedicated to researching and documenting the current state of the Global Professional TV Products market. We take out the speculation and give you the facts that will guide you to a real revenue plan for the near term and future.

Maximize Your Sales by getting the facts, no hype, no speculation, no feel good puffery bullet points. Just the hard cold facts, the good and the bad!

IMPROVE your SALES….in good times and…tough times.

...we help smaller companies become larger companies by...

  • Perform a planned, thoughtful analysis of your company’s market and your current distribution system.  Is it working at 100%?


  • Write a precise business plan for the revenues to be expected. A real month-by-month sales plan!
  • Submit the plan to the Board of Directors, and/or investors. A plan they will buy into!
  • Work the plan!….. Exceed these revenue targets!

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